1. Pumpkin flavoured gelato. Yum! (at Gelateria Gondola)


  2. A short comic on how I always feel about the Wizard of Oz ending.


  3. Self portrait. Who threw that pokeball?!


  4. Sailor Moon hair! #sailormoon #meatballhead #cosplay #livingdeaddollclothing


  5. The packet says they’re cats but we all know they’re rabbits #rabbit #bunny #stockings


  6. theyletmewearthistowork:

    For those who are wondering…I actually do cosplay on the side! This is my Battle Bunny Riven for Supanova 2014 this year!

    This was my first (completed) weapon I’ve made for a cosplay ever! I used yoga mat foam for the inside, cardboard for all the decorative bits and a PVC pipe as the handle! Also lots and lots of hot glue and spray paint.

    The costume itself I used this Sexy Black Bunny costume and added on top the white bunny ears.  The collar, tie and cuffs and carrots are all self-made :)

    I cosplay on the side…

    Feel free to check out my fashion blog!


  7. really-shit:

    Fly Art is what happens when you mix classical paintings with Hip Hop.

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  8. noobsambot:

    This could be us, but u playin

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  9. alexisneoart:

    how could you not love them

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  10. tastefullyoffensive:

    Notes from Management [ardentleprechaun]